Alester Tyrell
King of The Reach
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Culture Andal
Aliases The Third Son
Gender Male
Date of Birth 342
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 2
Skills Renowned Shield Proficiency, Sword Proficiency
Negative Traits None
Liege None
Spouse Nymeria Martell
Children None
Relatives Olenna Tyrell

Leo Tyrell

Alerie Tyrell

Lyanne Tyrell

Favoured Weapons Hand and a Half Sword, Kite Shield
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Alternate Characters Eddard Reed

Alester Tyrell is the King of the Reach, Lord of Highgarden, a Knight in service of the Reach, Warden of the South, and head of House Tyrell. He is wedded to Nymeria Martell, and in 367AL, has declared the Reach's independence from the Iron Throne.

Appearance Edit

Alester was blessed with the fine features the House Tyrell is known for; curly brown hair, hazel eyes, fair and unblemished skin. Following years of training for knighthood, Alester is tall, with broad shoulders, and various sparring scars, and after the death of his family, he took to growing out his beard.


Alester was born in the year 342AL in the blessed light of the Seven. He spent his life training to be a bannerman for his brother Loras, mastering both the sword and shield, and becoming a great commander in what was should have been his brother's army. He trained across the Reach, from Bitterbridge and Horn Hill, to the Citadel and Oldtown, where he became acquainted with Olyvar Martell and Loras Hightower. During his time in Horn Hill around 362AL, bandits had planned an elaborate scheme to ransom Lord Tarly; Alester fought the bandits single-handedly, and saved the life of Horn Hill's liege, earning a renowned skill with a shield. For his courage and chivalry, Alester was knighted by Lord Tarly's brother, Ser Rodwell.

Following a grievous hunting accident, his elder brother Garth was killed, beginning many years of suffering for house Tyrell. An outbreak of Bloody Flux broke out in the Reach, killing scores of peasants and decimating the Tyrell vassals. During the destruction, scores of thieves took to the countryside to reap what they could. Alester disobeyed his father's commands, took a band of knights, and went out to stop them in their tracks. Though highly successful, upon his return months later found the Flux had taken his father and his remaining brother. Lord of the Reach for less than six months, Alester is adjusting to life ruling in a castle rather than wielding a sword.

Recent Events Edit



  • Willas Tyrell, His Grandfather, Lord Paramount of the Reach (Deceased)
  • Desmera Redwyne, His Grandmother, Lady of Highgarden (Deceased)
    • Harlen Tyrell, His Father, Lord Paramount of the Reach (Deceased)
    • Luthor Tyrell (55), His Uncle, Lord Commander of the Queensguard
    • Olene Fossoway, His Mother
      • Loras Tyrell, His Eldest Brother (Deceased)
      • Garth Tyrell, His Elder Brother (Deceased)
      • Alester Tyrell (25), Lord Paramount of the Reach
      • Olenna Tyrell, His Younger Sister
  • Garlan Tyrell, His Great Uncle
  • Loras Tyrell, His Great Uncle
  • Margaery Tyrell, His Great Aunt