Artys Baelish
Lord of Harrenhal
Culture Riverman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 307 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Wealth
Skills Espianoge 2x, Sabatoge, Alchemy
Negative Traits Weak, Old
Liege Brandon Tully
Spouse Donella Terrick
Children Loren Baelish,

Alayne Baelish, d 368 Amerei Baelish. d 344, Arryk Baelish. d 347

Favoured Weapons Dagger
Reddit Username LordArtysBaelish
Alternate Characters Simon Seaworth, Howland Reed

Artys Baelish is the Lord of Harrenhal and the father of Loren and Alayne Baelish.

Appearance Edit

Artys is noted as resembling his father, with a thin stature, graying hair and a goatee.

History Edit

Artys was born the first and only son of Petyr Baelish, and grew up learning about intrigue before his father's untimely death in 337. He quickly fell infatuated with a Lady of House Terrick, though was known to have an earlier desire for Liane Tully. He later married Donella Terrick, and produced four children with her, Loren, Alayne, Amerei, and Arryk, the last two being stillborn.

Their marriage proved fruitful, though Donella died in 353 to a sickness. Despite his attempting to rein Loren in, his grip is loose on his heir.

Recent Events Edit

Artys hosted the Grand Council of 367 AC.

Timeline Edit

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