The Battle of the Bloody Hills, also known as the Battle of the Pendric Hills, was the last battle fought in the Harvest War. It ended the conflict with the death of the leaders on both sides.

The BattleEdit

The Lannister and Rebel armies collided on the road between the Pendric Hills and the Blades (A mountain range near the middle of the Westerlands).

Lyonel Lannister had been ferocious that day, fighting to avenge his father by massacring the Rebel van, slaying Selwyn Silverhands and Ser Edwyn Sarsfield before coming upon Tytos Brax. A violent fight ensued, Lyonel wielding an immensely large morningstar, shaped to look like a lion's head, and Tytos a greatsword called "the Horn". The fight went on for a while, some say, before Lyonel hit Tytos in the right kneecap, breaking the bone and sending the lord flying backwards into the dirt. Then, the Lannister took off his helmet, revealing a long lion's man of hair (he was going to cut it after he got vengeance for his father, Daven Lannister, who had done the same for his own father), and smashed Tytos' skull in, shattering his helmet into several, bloody, black iron pieces.

Tyrion Lannister, however, was still a threat despite his size. He engaged in a fight with Lewys Lydden, and the knight's corpse was found missing both legs. Lyonel denied killing the man, so the soldiers assumed that their liege was the one to do the deed. After that, it is unknown when, but Tyrion was killed himself.

The Treaty of CorpsesEdit

When the fighting looked to be done, Lyonel Lannister approached Addam Marbrand, the last survivor of the battle, and threw the heads of Selwyn Silverhands, Edwyn Sarsfield, and then the upper half of Brax's helmet at the feet of the last leader in the Rebel army. Addam had his own trophy, and he threw Tyrion's head at the feet of his foe, then kneeled and surrendered. His army did the same.