Brandon Stark is the last remaining member of House Stark which has continued in secret, from the line of Rickon Stark on the island of Skagos. He is currently Lord of Winterfell; Lord Paramount of the North and the Warden of the North. He is usually accompanied by a black direwolf named Winter, a descendant from his grandfather's direwolf, Shaggydog.

Brandon Stark
Lord of Winterfell

Warden of the North

Culture Northerner
Aliases Blackwolf
Gender Male
Date of Birth 351 AC
Date of Death N/A
Gifts Leadership
Skills Renowned Polearms


Negative Traits None
Liege Lyonel Baratheon
Spouse Wynona Manderly
Children Osric Stark
Relatives Bael Magnar (12 - Half Brother)

Valla Magnar (8 - Half Sister)

Favoured Weapons Spear and Bow
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Alternate Characters Daric Dondarrion, Kyle Beesbury

Brandon Stark (16)

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Brandon has clear Stark features, sharing in the grey eyes, long face and dark brown hair of his ancestors. He stands slightly taller than average and is fairly well built from his time on the horrific island of Skagos. Brandon has inherited a pale skin tone, one of the only things he inherited from his mother. Brandon usually wears the traditional Skagosi cloths. He has a white wolf wool cloak that he commonly wears, a prize that he took from another clansmen. He usually wears boiled leather underneath his cloak.

History Edit

Brandon is the only child of Torrhen Stark and Dalla Magnar and is the grandson of Rickon Stark, who was given protection by the Skagosi following his disappearance during the War of the Five Kings.

Brandon's father, Torrhen, died when Brandon was only 3 years old. It is claimed that Torrhen Stark died during a hunting accident, but many on Skagos claim that he was infact killed by Lord Magnar, the acting ward of the Starks, who still took slight to the fact that Torrhen had wedded and bedding his daughter without permission. After Torrhen's death, Dalla was promptly remarried and has two children with her new husband, who are half-siblings to Brandon.

After his father's death, Brandon was given to Lord Magnar to be a ward. Brandon has adopted some Skagosi characteristics but doesn't partake in some of their more extreme beliefs. Brandon has spent his whole life on the island of Skagos and as a result has a very naive view on the world and the events around him, as he has received his knowledge from mostly oral stories and legends. Brandon is very zealous towards the Old Gods like most Skagosi, and it is said by some that he approves of human sacrifice to his gods when they require it.

Brandon is constantly accompanied by a direwolf he named Winter, who is descended from Shaggydog and shares in several direwolf traits. The wolf is aggressive, fierce and loyal and some say that it takes up after its master.

Recent Events Edit

Departure from Skagos Edit

Brandon attends a human sacrifice to the Old Gods on the eve of the death of Queen Daenerys Targaryen. The date of the sacrifice corrospondes with his 16th nameday, and his grandfather, The Magnar orders him to be the one to do the sacrifice.[1]

Brandon later speaks with his grandfather and declares his intent to leave the Island of Skagos and press his claim on the North. His grandfather reclutently agrees, allowing Brandon to leave Skagos and promises Skagosi warpower in exchange for blood. After speaking with his grandfather, Brandon has a run in with a man named Goren, who dies after Brandon sets Winter on him.[2]

After declaring his intent to leave Skagos, Brandon seeks out his friend Raymun Stane and asks him to help him cross the Bay of Seals. After some convincing, Raymun agrees. Brandon later goes and visits Raymun's sister Laena, who also happends to be Brandon's occassional lover. He is gifted with a weirwood necklace and is given advice before leaving the North.[3]

A few days prior to his departure, Brandon is invited by his grandfather, the Magnar for a feast. Brandon relcutently agrees. Brandon is mostly silent during the feast and as a whole it was univental. However after the main course is served, Brandon realizes what he has been eating; human flesh. Brandon leaves the feast to the mockery of the other Skagosi and blacks outside shortly after.[4]

After gathering a group of allies, including Willem Crowl, Daric Stane, Gwin among others. Brandon is ready to depart Skagos, cross the Bay of Seals and head for the North.[5]

Arrival to the North Edit

After a less than smooth sailing, Brandon and his allies arrive somewhere between the Last Hearth and Karhold. As he reaches shore for the first time, he is spotted by Yvaine Umber.[6] A few days later he meets a hunter named Gunthir who he quickly befriends.[7] Brandon has nightmares on this journey, and begins to have dreams about wolves, kings and ravens. [8]When Brandon and his companions near Karhold he reveals himself to the unaware.[9]

In Karhold, Brandon and Yvaine meet with Alysanne Karstark who is amicable to Brandon's cause.[10] Shortly after they depart with a few Karstark men in an attempt to secure the Last Hearth. On their travels to the Umber lands, Brandon gives Yvaine a dragonglass arrow and meets Eddard Reed who speaks of an old dept that must be payed.[11] Also on the journey, Brandon gives a blood prayer to the old gods.[12]

The Dealings of White Harbour Edit

Brandon Stark and his allies arrive in Last Hearth to see the castle heavily damaged by Horen Snow and his allies. Knowing that Yvaine is safe, Brandon tells her of his plan to head to White Harbour and seek the support of the Manderlys. Yvaine gives Brandon a detailed map of the North and she and Brandon say their goodbyes.[13] Brandon quickly travels towards White Harbour and meets Benjen Flint, a hunter, along the way.[14]

Brandon arrives in White Harbor and meets with Lord Wyllas Manderly. While Wyllas recognized him as a Stark, their negotiations do not go as planned and Brandon is imprisoned.[15] The next day Brandon again meets Wyllas, this time in the dungeons of Wolf's Den. The meeting nearly turns deadly, but through the discussion Brandon manages to make a deal to marry himself to Wynona Manderly, Wyllas' grandchild, in exchange for support in claiming the North and defending against the Ironborn. Brandon purposfully leaves the rest of their terms of their agreement as vague as possible.[16]

Brandon Stark is wed to Wynona the same day after he is released from the Dungeons. Many are shocked to see a granddaughter of House Manderly wed the long thought exstinct Starks, but this is just the first step in Brandon's reveal to the North.[17] That following morning, Brandon would makes his first moves, renouncing the Bolton claim on the North and writing to his bannermen asking them to pledge fealty.[18] Brandon took Manderly soldiers and marched North along the White Knife for Winterfell, and quickly took the once abandoned fortress.[19]

A Time for Wolves Edit

After securing Winterfell, Brandon awaited for the arrival of his banner-men and their soldiers. Brandon wrote to King Valarr Targaryen, King Torric Greyjoy and his cousin Brandon Tully in an attempt to facilitate negotiations.[20] Among the first to arrive to Winterfell were the Umbers and Karstarks. Brandon was happy to be reunited with his friends, but that quickly turned to dread after Yvaine Umber murdered her half-brother, Horen Snow in a fit of rage.[21] Despite this, Brandon holds a council of Winterfell where he proposes his plan to secure allies of the North and repress any Bolton resistance.[22] Shortly after this council, Brandon has an emotional meeting with Yvaine Umber in which he admits his amorous feelings for her.[23] Despite this, Yvaine remains in Winterfell while Brandon travels to Deepwood Motte to meet with the Glovers.

Brandon travels to Deepwood Motte to see the lands in distraught. He meets with Alyn Glover and is able to secure his support, although their meeting left Brandon uneasy.[24] Brandon vows to restore the Wolfswood to their former glory and moves towards Winterfell with his newly acquired Glover soldiers. While on the road he is reunited with his half-brother and half-sister, Valla and Bael Magnar, who he brings along with to Winterfell.[25] It is during this meeting that Brandon learns of his mother's death, an event that would become a repressed and angered memory for him. While Brandon was in Deepwood Motte, he sent Marek Mollen to treat with the Rills, and is able to gain the support of Renton Ryswell while his brother Rodrik moved to support the Boltons.[26]

Brandon stops in Winterfell for a day before he marches towards the Barrowtons. During this time he meets with Yvaine Umber and Sigorn Karstark, despite uneasy news coming from the both of them, Brandon continues to Barrowton, determined to end the Bolton resistance.[27] The Stark forces near Torrhen's Square when they receive the news of Styr Karstark's death at the murderous hands of Domeric Dustin. Brandon and Sigorn Karstark vow for revenge and they split their hosts; Brandon goes West to combat the Boltons and Sigorn goes south to reinforce his brother.[28]

Battle of Barrowton Edit

After receiving news that the Bolton host near the Rills has moved, Brandon deduced that they must be going to reinforce Barrowton. Brandon quickly forces a march towards the Barrows after reuniting with forces from the Rills. It was at this time that he learnt that his wife, Wynona, was many moons pregnant with his child.[29] Brandon did not react outwardly to the news, electing to let his demener appear focused on the battle ahead. Still the news gave him so hope, but at the same time worried him.

Brandon's host arrived half-way through the Battle of the Barrows, in which he gave a cavalry charge into the Dustin and Bolton lines among the disorganized chaos which was the battle. Brandon fights on the front-lines himself, but is grievously wounded in the process. Despite pleas from many for him to withdraw include Sigorn Karstark and Yvaine Umber, Brandon continued to fight beside Thorren Forrester on the front lines of the dying battle.[30]

The victory at Barrowton eliminated the remaining Bolton threat in the North, and ended the lines of both House Bolton and House Dustin. With this victory Brandon was free to move out of the North and set his eyes on the Ironborn.

Southern Eye Edit

Shortly after the battle Brandon held a council among his host in an attempt to decide their next move. [31] During this time, Brandon presents a letter from King Valarr Targaryen which restores all of House Stark's ancient titles, including Warden of the North. During this council Brandon urges to move the host south to seek allies and confront the Ironborn. He also discusses the possibility of constructing a new fleet of ships out of Ironwood, after a brief discussion with Thorren Forrester.


A young Brandon Stark with Winter


  • His Grandfather, Rickon Stark (Deceased, 295 - 337)
  • His Grandmother, Harma Stane (Deceased, 296 - 337)
    • His father, Torrhen Stark (Deceased, 323 - 354)
    • His mother, Dalla Magnar (31) (331 - )
      • Brandon Stark (17) (351 -)
      • His Half-Brother, Bael Magnar (12) (355 - )
      • His Half-Sister, Valla Magnar (8) (359 - )

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