Brus Grandison is the third son of House Grandison. His family are bannermen to House Baratheon. He is eight-and-twenty years old. The sigil of his House is a black sleeping lion on yellow. Their words are "Rouse Me Not."

History Edit

Brus is 28 years old, since the age of 10 a terrible growth has slowly grown out over the left side of his face, continuing to take over the left side of his face finally stopping above his lips. The growth is from his hair line, down to his lip splitting his face in half. The Septon said he was cursed and the smallfolk stay away from him in fear.

As a child he loved the stories of Robert Baratheon and dedicated himself to the War Hammer practing everyday for hours upon hours, he wasn't smart enough to do much else. Always slow, the Maester claimed he had a giants body, but the mind of a boy.

Appearance Edit

  • 339 AC: Born
  • 349 AC: Oldest brother Joss dies fighting bandits, Growth begins to form on his face.
  • 355 AC: Second brother Aldwin dies from sickness caused by wounds sparring with Brus
  • 358 AC: Younger brother Robert is born.
  • 367 AC: Resides at Grandview, seat of House Grandison

Family Edit

  • Hugh Grandison (55), His Father, Lord of Grandview
  • Lily Selmy (52), His Mother
    • Joss Grandison (Deceased)
    • Aldwin Grandison (Deceased)
    • Brus Grandison (28)
    • Robert Grandison (9)