Ser Daryn Snow is the bastard son of Callee Karstark and an unknown Lysene man.


Daryn's mother was Callee Karstark, grand daughter of Harrion Karstark.

His father is an unknown lysene, with whom his mother had a secret affair with. When the lysene found his mother to be pregnant, he abandoned their affair, but this did not change Callee’s love for her son. After his birth, his mother was frequently weak and sick, by Daryn’s 13th name day she had passed.

Although Callee was the oldest of her siblings, it was her younger brother who inherited Karhold. Callee and Daryn were allowed to stay at Karhold, and at Callee’s insistence Daryn was raised with his cousins as a lordling, after his mothers death it was only at his cousins insistence that he was continued to be raised with them, being educated both in books and in combat. By Daryn’s 17th nameday he was knighted, and left both Karhold and the north, much to his uncle’s happiness. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

In looks Daryn is the exact opposite of his Karstark family, he is small in stature, not even growing as tall as his mother, and is lean instead of bulky. Sporting indigo eyes, fair skin, and a mop of wavy brown hair, Daryn is sometimes mistaken as younger than his 19 years.


Callee Karstark - Mother, deceased.