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Gwin is a commoner from Skagos.

History Edit

Gwins mother played a huge role when it comes to what she has learned so far, at the age of five she was already being taught how to prepare food to their best, resources might have been limited but it was still good. Since she was so young and was always with her mother when it was time to cook, accidents would often occur which eventually lead into her mother teaching her the basics of how to heal those cuts up quickly and with out getting it infected. Gwin was never one to get sick often, but her mother on the other hand was, so she was often running around making the food and getting medicines to help her mother out, thankfully it was never anything to deadly.

Once her mother was sacrificed, she was really put to the test, Gwin had to fend for herself at the age of 12, but thanks to her mothers 'lessons' she did quite well at surviving on her own. A month or two after turning 14, Gwin had met an old lady, named Jyanna, that she grew to like very much, and she too taught her a lot of stuff. Some people could consider this old woman a witch, it wasn't often, but there were people that would come to her for help, thinking that her 'magic' would heal them completely.

Eventually, Gwin got interested and the lady started to teach her all that she knew about herbs, medicines, poisons and the likes. The ginger always attended the 'customers' when ever Jyanna couldn't, so her alchemy skills were being perfected slowly. The old woman eventually passed away and Gwin took her place.

Appearance Edit

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Just by looking at her rosy cheeks you can tell that she is pretty healthy, her hair(when clean) is a vibrant ginger color that reaches her shoulder( goes past that by a little). Her icy blue eyes stand out between her ginger hair and white skin. Gwin's hands, although they are usually gloved, have small scars scattered across them due to knife accidents. The rest of her body is usually hidden between masses of clothes, so it's sometimes hard to get an idea on what lies beneath it all. In terms of height, she stands at around 5 foot 11 inches.

Family Edit

Her mother, *Meha (313 - 360)

Her father, *Unknown

*"Second" mother, Jyana (277-365)