Harwyn Hill is a bastard of House Lannister. He is nine-and-twenty years of age and resides in Queen's Landing.

History Edit

He is one of the twin bastards of Joy Hill, legally making him a Lannister. He was extremely ill as a child, and spent his time reading while others would learn to use a sword because of this. His time spent inside gave him a near-perfect knowledge of Westerosi history, although he is unable to use weapons. As he grew up, he used his family's wealth to grow his empire and buy several merchant ships to increase his wealth. He buys protection in the form of sellswords, and has many plans on what the future of Westoros could be like.

Appearance Edit

He has close-cropped golden hair with a meticulously kept beard, and clothes which boldly flount his claim as a Lannister.

Family Edit