House Baelish of Harrenhal was founded by Lord Petyr Baelish in 299 AC after procuring a marriage contract for King Joffrey I Baratheon. They are bannermen to House Tully, and one of the most powerful lords in the Riverlands. They are considered rivals to the Arryns and are disallowed holdings within the Vale. Their sigil is a Mockingbird Argent upon a Green Field, and their words are "Knowledge is Power."

History Edit

Early in the War of the Five Kings, Petyr Baelish was named Lord of Harrenhal and Lord Paramount of the Trident by King Joffrey I. After the war, Lord Baelish was stripped of his title of Lord Paramount of the Trident, but was allowed to have his keep.

Over the coming years, Petyr saw to it that House Baelish became amongst the most wealthy in the Riverlands, filling Harrenhal’s coffers and bringing in many exotic luxuries from other lands. When Petyr passed from the world, his son was intent on maintaining the steady flow of money Petyr had brought in and was successful in the most part, though the luxuries from other lands faded over time.

Family Edit

  • [Lord Petyr Baelish] 268 AC - 337 AC; died of a heart failure,
  • His wife, [Lady Lyara Shawney] 281 AC - 317 AC; died three months after birthing her first son; succombed to an illness.
    • Their son, Lord Artys Baelish, High Lord of Harrenhal. 317 AC - ?
    • His wife, [Lady Donella Terrick] 310 AC - 353 AL - Fell asleep and never woke up. On the autopsy, a lump was found on her left breast.
      • Their son, Loren Baelish, 335 AC - ?
      • His wife, Lady Jeyne Erenford, 338 AC - ?
        • Their first son, Petyr Baelish, 361 AC - ?
        • Their second son, Steffon Baelish, 365 AC - ?
      • Their Daughter, Alayne Baelish, 338 AC - ?
      • Their second daughter, Amarei, 344 AC - 344 AC, died stillborn
      • Their second son, Arryk, 346 AC - 347 AC, died after three months of troublesome life.