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House Dayne of Starfall is a noble house from Starfall in Dorne. They are among the principal houses sworn to House Martell.

A cadet branch of House Dayne are the Daynes of High Hermitage. In appearance, members of the family are stony Dornishmen whose characteristics mostly resemble the rest of the Seven Kingdoms in look, customs and traditions. Unlike the rest of the more Rhoynish-looking Dornishmen, they have pale skin with hair ranging from dark brown to pale blond and they often have violet or indigo eyes.

Traditions and Holdings Edit

Their sigil is a sword and a falling star on an lavender background.

Their house words are "Fallen and Reforged".


(L) Starfall and (R) High Hermitage

Starfall is the ancestral seat of House Dayne. It is located in the western Red Mountains on an island in the Torrentine where it pours into the Summer Sea. Starfall, which includes a tower called the Palestone Sword, guards the western arm of Dorne. Northeast of Starfall is High Hermitage.

High Hermitage is the traditional seat of House Dayne of High Hermitage. It is located in the Red Mountains of Dorne, northeast of Starfall[ along the Torrentine. Traditionally given to a cadet branch, the castle reverted to the main branch upon the death of Allyria Dayne, Lord Edric's sister and Lord Arthur's aunt.

Dawn and the Sword of the Morning Edit

The Sword of the Morning is a title of House Dayne bestowed on the knight who bears their ancestral greatsword Dawn. The Sword of the Morning is always a member of House Dayne.The title is not necessarily passed to the lord of the house, but to the knight considered most worthy to wield it, as decided within the House. If there is no Dayne knight considered worthy, the title lies dormant; the last to bear the title was Ser Arthur Dayne, a famed knight of the Kingsguard until the current lord of Starfall, another Arthur Dayne, was granted the title by the surviving members of his family.

Historical Members Edit

Lord Edric Dayne, the deceased father of current Lord Arthur Dayne

Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, member of the Kingsguard, uncle to Lord Edric Dayne

Ashara Dayne, sister of Ser Arthur and aunt of Lord Edric Dayne

Ser Gerold Dayne, known as Darkstar, cousin of Lord Edric Dayne

King Vorian Dayne, King of the Torrentine before the arrival of the Rhoynar and the conquests of House Martell

Current Members Edit

  • Arthur Dayne, born 337, died 368
  • Arya Dayne, born 349, sister/twin to Beric, Lady of Starfall and Currently Head of the House, unwed
  • Beric Dayne, born 349, brother/twin to Arya, unwed
  • Edric Dayne, father, died 357
  • Cassella Dayne, mother, died 346
  • John Dayne, brother, died 346
  • Gerold Dayne, brother, died 347
  • Cassandra Hightower, born 322, step-mother/mother of twins, unwed