House Tully of Riverrun is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Lords of House Tully rule from their seat, Riverrun. Their sigil is a silver trout leaping on a blue and red striped field, and their words are "Family, Duty, Honor."

History Edit

Towards the end of the war between Wolf, Fish, Stag, Lion, and Kraken, the Fish found itself in a most precarious position. Edmure Tully, the rightful Lord of Riverrun, was kept behind bars at Casterly Rock. His sisters had perished, and only his uncle, the Blackfish, survived. Freys had taken control of Riverrun, and by the time Daenaerys took her throne, they claimed paramountcy over the Riverlands, usurping Lord Baelish's title. But the river lords despised the Freys. As weak as the they were, the Blackfish managed to rally them to his House's cause, and take back Riverrun in a surprise assault. Brynden captured Genna Lannister before she could escape, and used her to negotiate the release of Edmure Tully.

Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey returned to Riverrun with a son. Edmure had named him Hoster after his grandfather. The Freys, having been crippled by their own succession crisis at the Twins, were humbled and defeated. Baelish was allowed to keep his ruined fortress.

Hoster Tully died at the age of one and twenty at the Harrenhal tournament in 321 AC. Lyonel Lannister slew him in single combat with a blunted sword; the rift between the two families grew a hundredfold that day. Lord Edmure Tully passed away in 333 AC, leaving his only remaining son, Brynden Tully, as the Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident. He died two years later, without issue. Lady Liane Tully has ruled ever since.

Members Edit

  • Edmure Tully
  •  »Roslin Frey
    • Hoster Tully
    • Bryen Tully
    • Liane Tully
      • Roslin Piper, her eldest daughter
        • Serra Piper, her granddaughter
      • Brandon Tully, her son and heir
      • Cassana Tully, her youngest daughter

Houses Sworn to House Tully Edit

  • House Blackwood of Raventree Hall.
  • House Bracken of the Stone Hedge.
  • House Frey of the Crossing or The Twins
  • House Mallister of Seagard.
  • House Mooton of Maidenpool.
  • House Piper of Pinkmaiden.
  • House Ryger of Willow Wood.
  • House Vance of Atranta.
  • House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest.