Jon Ambrose
Master of Coin of the Reach
Culture Reachman
Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 327 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Sums
Skills -
Negative Traits
Liege Alester Tyrell
Spouse Melissa Graceford
Children Raymund Ambrose

Owen Ambrose

Alyssa Ambrose

Relatives Mychel Ambrose

Damon Ambrose

Favoured Weapons None
Reddit Username /u/Boogiepop_Homunculus
Alternate Characters Alesander Lake


Xantala Jorrel

Jon Ambrose was the second son of House Ambrose of the Reach. He is a bannerman of House Tyrell. He was 73 years of age and the Master of Coin for the Kingdom of the Reach.

After the Grand Council, Jon declared for Alysanne Targaryen in the ensuing conflict. He resides in Highgarden with his extended family.

History Edit

Jon Ambrose was born in 327 AC to Edwyn Ambrose and Meredyth Risley in the Reach. As a second son, he had plenty of time to read, often relating to books better than people. He was fond of science and history, so much so that he might have become a Maester if his father didn't put him in charge of the family's crop distribution. Jon was adept at business and was called to serve the Tyrells at 30 years old. By 37, his work in Highgarden brought him to the Small Council as Master of Coin.

Jon grew up happily with his older brother Mychel, an adventurer, and his younger brother Damon, a wild child. He was always a quiet child, due to a severe stammer.

He is fond of reading and studying foreign cultures. He was married to Melissa Graceford the First Daughter of House Graceford of Holyhall, in the Faith of the Seven. They are, by all accounts, a loving couple with three children.

Appearance Edit

Jon is lanky with pale skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. He is short-sighted and often squints his eyes. He keeps himself clean shaven.

Timeline Edit

  • 327 AC, 2nd Moon - Jon is born.
  • 345 AC 1st Moon - Jon is put in charge of his father's crop business.
  • 349 AC, 5th Moon - Jon marries Melissa Graceford.
  • 350 AC, 4th Moon - His first son Raymund is born.
  • 351 AC, 9th Moon - His second son Owen is born.
  • 352 AC, 8th Moon - His daughter Alyssa is born.
  • 357 AC, 7th Moon - Jon is made the Master of Coin of the Reach.
  • 364 AC, 1st Moon - Jon is made Master of Coin of the Small Council.

Recent Events Edit

In the wake of the Queen's death, Jon sends his family back to the Reach and plans with Luthor Tyrell on how to move forward [1]. He drains coin from the royal coffers before riding with the Tyrell host to the Grand Council [2]. Upon arriving at Harrenhal, he is confronted by Jasper Arryn and Aisha Azor about the funds and is forced to undo his theft [3].

At the council, Jon declares his support for Alysanne [4]. When Luthor Tyrell draws his sword against Jasper Arryn, Jon flees to the Tyrell camp and returns with Alester Tyrell to Highgarden.

In the moons after, Jon deals with family issues including the return of his wandering brother [5] and his rebellious daughter [6]. Meanwhile, Jon accepts the position of Master of Coin for the Reach [7] and discusses his father's and goodfather's gathering armies [8].

Jon Ambrose

After Alester left for Queen's Landing, Jon welcomed Martyn and Marissa Lannister and Olenna Tyrell [9]. After consulting Lady Olenna and her husband, he calls to arms the men of the city and calls the loyal lords of the Reach to Highgarden [10]. A moon later, he welcomes Alester Tyrell home from Queen's Landing [11]. Soon after, the lord paramount declares himself King of the Reach and appoints Jon as Master of Coin [12].

Jon attends the wedding of Alester Tyrell and Nymeria Martell [13]. For many moons, he labors in reconstructing the finances of the Kingdom of the Reach. During the 5th moon of 368 AC, his daughter reveals to him that she is pregnant by an unknown man and is about to give birth [14]. Jon and the family welcome Jared Flowers and arrange for him to be remain close but in secret[15].

Family Edit

  • Edwyn Ambrose, His Father (67)
  • Meredyth Risley, His Mother (66)
    • Ser Mychel Ambrose, His Older Brother (43)
    • Margaery Meadows, His Goodsister (41)
      • Bethany Ambrose, His Niece (24)
      • Robert Ambrose, His Nephew (22)
      • Mark Ambrose, His Nephew (20)
      • Jeyne Ambrose, His Niece (15)
    • Jon Ambrose (41)
    • Melissa Graceford, His Wife (38)
      • Raymund Ambrose, His First Son (18)
      • Owen Ambrose, His Second Son (16)
      • Alyssa Ambrose, His Only Daughter (15)
        • Jared Flowers (Infant)
    • Damon Ambrose, His Younger Brother (39)

Household Guard Edit

  • Mark Ashford
  • Russell Graceford
  • Petyr Webber
  • Robert Roxton
  • Samwell Roxton

NPCs Edit


Melissa Graceford

2013 1

Alyssa Ambrose


Damon Ambrose

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