Karla Cerwyn
Cerwyn Scion
Karla Cerwyn
Culture Northman
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Negative Traits
Liege Roose Bolton
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u//Orange1414
Alternate Characters Aeron Azantys

Karla Cerwyn is the daughter of Joer Cerwyn, Lord of House Cerwyn near Winterfell. Her House are bannermen to Lord Roose Bolton.

Appearance Edit

Karla has all the northern features you would expect, but she has orange eyes she inherited from her mother. Karla has wide, curvy hips and long black hair. She has impressive sized breasts that she flaunts quite often in revealing dresses.

History Edit

Her father, though it brought shame to the family, married a beautiful commoner from Dorne. He went to Dorne as he traveled across Westeros, and he fell in love. Karla was raised just like any other lady but she always enjoyed strong drink and men to keep her company. Karla is also adept in the arts. She writes poetry and paints in her free time.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Karla attended the great council with her father, and entered a brief relationship with Viserys Velaryon, following him to Queen's Landing after the council was over. While there, Karla attempted to seduce the king, Valarr Targaryen. Since then, she has remained in Queen's Landing.

Family Edit

  • Joer Cerwyn, Her Father
  • Ellyria, Her Mother
    • Karla Cerwyn