Liane Tully
Lady Paramount of the Riverlands
Culture Riverman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 307 AC
Date of Death 367 AC
Gifts Voice
Negative Traits
Liege Valarr Targaryen
Spouse Jason Mallister
Children Brandon Tully

Cassanna Tully

Roslin Piper

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters Hyle Hightower

Liane Tully was the ruling Lady Paramount of the Riverlands from 335 AC until her death in 367 AC.

Appearance Edit

Like her brothers, Hoster and Brynden, Liane was afforded the Tully features at birth: her hair was auburn like the red leaves in autumn, her cheekbones high and pronounced, her eyes as blue as the sky. She wasn't considered beautiful as a maiden; her red hair attracted as much attention as her noble status, and those were about the only two things she had to offer. She was sickly thin at the waist and chest for a time, but that changed when she had children. It is said that some form of beauty finally came to Liane with age: she was far more comely nearing fifty than she was nearing twenty.


Liane lost her brother, Hoster, in 321 AC; he was tragically killed during a tournament at Harrenhal, dying without issue. After Edmure's passing in 333 AC, Brynden inherited Riverrun and the Riverlands. He died two years later, similarly without issue. Liane inherited his titles at the age of 17.

She had married that very year to a Mallister scion. They had three children before he died in 348. Roslin was the eldest by six years, born in 338 with her grandmother's brown eyes. Brandon, the heir to Riverrun, was the middle child. He was pale and skinny and shy, with blue eyes like his mother's. Cassana was four years the youngest, bold and beautiful, with striking green eyes that burned like wildfire. 

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Liane attended the Great Council of 367 AC, and returned to Riverrun shortly after. Not a month after the council, Liane died in her sleep and was succeeded by her son and heir, Brandon Tully.


  • Her late father, Edmure Tully (272-333)
  • Her late mother, Roslin Tully, nee Frey (283-331)
    • Her eldest daughter, Roslin Piper, nee Tully (b. 338)
    • Her son and heir, Brandon Tully (b. 343)
    • Her youngest daughter, Cassana Tully (b. 348)