Loren Baelish
Heir to Harrenhal
Loren Baelish
Culture Riverman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 335 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Sums
Skills Tradecraft x2, Logistics
Negative Traits Weak
Liege Brandon Tully
Spouse Jeyne Erenford
Children Petyr Baelish, Stafford Baelish
Relatives Alayne Baelish

Artys Baelish

Favoured Weapons Daggers
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Alternate Characters

Loren Baelish is the first born son and heir to Artys Baelish. His wife is Jeyne Erenford and he has a sister, Alayne Baelish.

Appearance Edit

While not striking, Loren is not displeasing to the eye. He has dark brown hair and brownish-amber eyes. His face remains mostly unblemished, without many sharp features. Standing at only 5'4 and physically weak, he does not make for a very intimidating figure.

History Edit

Loren Baelish was born to Artys and Donella Baelish in 335 AC. He was an incredibly sickly baby, and most did not think he would survive infancy, but somehow Loren was able to survive into childhood and has dealt with few life-threatening health problems since. Loren was taught a great deal on sums and numbers as a child, as House Baelish has always valued this over skill with a sword. Due to his travels in Essos, he picked up a great many skills concerning trade as well, making him grow rich. Since then he has become wealthier even then his lord father thanks to investments in the free cities and Eastern Westerosi cities, which in turn has allowed him to develop intricate spy rings along the Narrow Sea.

Recent Events Edit

Loren departed Harrenhal and made for Riverrun, where he attended the Riverman council to determine what is to be done about the Lannister threat.

Timeline Edit

335 AC, eleventh moon - Birth of Loren

338 AC, eighth moon - Alayne was born

344 AC, fourth moon - Amerei Baelish was born; died stillborn.

352 AC - His sister Alayne married Willas Mooton.

355 AC, fifth moon - Loren was finally forced to marry by his father, goes to tour Westeros

356 AC, first moon - Left for Essos

357 AC, fifth moon - Returned to Harrenhal, Alayne left soon afterward.

361 AC, eight moon - Petyr, Loren's first son by his wife, was born

362 AC, fourth moon - What would become the town Mockingnest was first created

365 AC, second moon - Met Catelyn, his future mistress

365 AC, sixth moon - Steffon, his second son by Jeyne, is born

366 AC, fifth moon - Catelyn returns with him to Mockingnest

Family Edit