Lucion Lannister
King of the Rock
Culture Andal
Aliases The Broken Lion

The Cripple King

Gender Male
Date of Birth 342
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Horse Riding (Special Saddle), Sabotage, Engineering, Tradecraft
Negative Traits Maimed (Left Leg)
Liege None.
Spouse Maryen Greyjoy
Children None
Relatives Gerion Lannister

Alyssa Marbrand Martyn Lannister Marissa Lannister Joanna Lannister Ellyn Lannister Harwyn Hill

Favoured Weapons None
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Alternate Characters Dryn Caliqa

Septon Mallador Domeric Dustin

Lucion Lannister is the eldest son of the late King Gerion Lannister, and current lord of House Lannister. He is titled Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, and Warden of the West.

Appearance and Character Edit

Lucion has wildfire green eyes and golden hair, with a stubble on his chin. Due to the long distances he has to walk with only his cane, he is actually somewhat strong.

At the age of twenty-five, Lucion is forged by his experiences, as most people are. He attempts to compensate for his lack of a leg with his mind and cracks jokes more oft than not, despite a serious and melancholic demeanour about him. His favorite things to do are reading and horse riding, as it's the only way to move around without pain surging through his leg every second.


Lucion was the son and heir of Gerion Lannister (Son of Tyrion Lannister, who died in a western rebellion) and Alyssa Marbrand, born with a fair face, silky golden hair and eyes that looked like wildfire burning on an endless sea.

Lucion's right leg was maimed in 357 AC - an accident that occurred due to the bone breaking tendencies of warhammers. After that, he turned to heirship. Lucion began entertaining himself with the lessons he asked to be given by his father and the large library of Casterly Rock. Due to the lessons he was given, his personality began to match his father's much more. When people living in Lannisport began disappearing, and small alleyways or buildings ended up covered in blood, some rumoured that he used murder and torture to get what he wanted.

He also developed somewhat of an obsession with books, collecting only the fullest copies and reading them all, looking for knowledge as a thirsty man looked for water. Lucion's once dusty bookshelf left for only stories of shining knights were now filled with tomes and books of histories, lineages, languages, and anything entertaining. With so much time on his hands, he needed something to fill it, so he set his eyes on books, wine, and whores, things that didn't disappoint him like his past hopes had.


  • Lord Gerion Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West and Shield of Lannisport, murdered by his son Lucion
  • His Lady Wife, Lady Alyssa of House Marbrand, perished in childbirth in 367AL
    • Their son, Lord Lucion Lannister, born in 343 AC,
    • Their second son, Lord Martyn Lannister, twin to his sister;
    • Lady Marissa Lannister, both of the age ten-and-five
    • Their second daughter, Lady Joanna Lannister, age nine
    • Their third daughter, Lady Ellyn Lannister, a newborn

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