Luthor Tyrell
Tyrell Scion
Culture Reachman
Aliases Luthor, 'The Old Rose', 'The White Rose'.
Gender Male
Date of Birth 312
Date of Death
Gifts Strong
Skills Swordsmanship, Fortifier
Negative Traits
Liege King Alester Tyrell
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Relatives Alester Tyrell (Nephew)

Leo Tyrell (Cousin)

Favoured Weapons Sword and Shield
Reddit Username /u/English_American
Alternate Characters Aethan Marbrand, Rodrik Hornwood, Yoren Uller

Ser Luthor Tyrell was the Lord Commander of the Queensguard and the second son of Lord Willas Tyrell.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Luthor stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall. He has a head full of white and brown hair, with white greatly overpowering the brown. He prides himself on his mustache, as white as it is thick. Luthor attempts to keep himself in shape, therefore he has a muscular body. As muscular as a man of five and fifty can get. With a muscular upper body, Luthor thought himself very fine with his longsword. Although his skill deteriorates as his age increases, he likes to believe he can still keep up a fair fight.

History Edit

Luthor Tyrell. Five and fifty. Lord Commander of the Queensguard and Uncle to Lord Paramount Alester of the Reach. At the behest of Queen Daenerys and approval of his father, Willas Tyrell, Luthor joined the Queensguard at the ripe age of eight and ten (330 AL).

Luthor has seen the deaths of his father, Willas, brother, Harlen, and his nephew Loras and another nephew, Garth passed two years prior in an accident. Harlen and Loras were both taken by the recent Bloody Flux outbreak the scourge the lands of the Reach and claimed far too many lives. While bothered by the recent deaths, Luthor knew he had to stay strong. Scant a tear shed, he kept a straight posture and a stone-hard face in recent days.

Born in 312 AL to Willas Tyrell and an unknown mother (not a bastard, the mother died at a young age and Willas refused to ever speak of her). As Willas' second son, Luthor knew he most likely was never going to become Lord Paramount of the Reach. Not that he wanted to though. He preferred to keep to himself and work on his swordsmanship. Unlike his father, who was a cripple from a jousting incident in his youth, he wanted to become a great swordsman. As the years progressed, the sword felt lighter and he became more nimble.

At one and twelve, Luthor became a squire for a friend of his fathers. He trained day after day, month after month, until his sword became an extension of his arm. While he learned about swordsmanship from his mentor, his father taught him the art of diplomacy. He learned how to persuade a person from taking his own life, how to win in any sort of argument. Granted his father probably let him win most arguments, Willas always told him "If you do not think you can do it, do it anyway. Do it until you actually can do it."

His father, even though he was a second son, insisted on finding a wife for him. While Luthor enjoyed women, he found the thought of wedding one unattractive. He spurned woman put forth by his father from the age of four and ten to eight and ten. At eight and ten, his father presented him a letter. The letter read as follows:

Luthor of House Tyrell, Second of His Name,

I have been made aware of your prowess as a swordsman. As I am sure you know, the Queensguard has vacancy. On behalf of the Lord Commander of the Queensguard and myself, I hereby request you join the Queensguard. Be aware, if you do choose to accept, you must put aside any claim on your ancestral seat of Highgarden, swear to maintain chastity, to not wed, and to not father any children. We look forward to your reply.

-Queen Daenerys I Targaryen

Unknowingly to Luthor, Willas had sent a raven to Queens Landing, requesting his son be put on the Queensguard. Luthor, not knowing what his father had done, was ecstatic. He told his father he wanted to accept, and wanted to leave right away. The next morning, he left for Queenslanding.

His membership in the Queensguard did not see much of any action. The Harvest War, and the Greyjoy Rebellion had happened already and there was rarely a threat on the Queens life. But, Luthor adored his position dearly. He wore his perfect white cloak, and donned his glittering silver armour as if he was born to wear it. He likes to think he was.

As his time in the Queensguard continued he only became closer to Daenerys and her child, Aegor. Daenerys personally asked Luthor to train Aegor in the arts of Swordsmanship. As the two trained together, they became more and more close. Eventually becoming practically brothers, the two got along better than Luthor got along with his fellow Queensguard and would spend more and more time together. Luthor was present at the marriage between Aegor and Roslin Sunglass, which was a wedding of grandiose as the two were to be King and Queen. But during Roslin's birth of Princess Alysanne Targaryen, she passed away from complications, leaving Aegor depressed and without wife. Luthor helped Aegor along with his depression, being there for the Targaryen Prince and his newborn daughter. Aegor eventually came out of depression a few years later, but never re-married. Luthor assisted Aegor with raising Alysanne whenever he needed and when Daenerys could not help. Alysanne grew close to Luthor as she grew up, often calling him Uncle.

When Aegor passed away from the bloody flux in 360 AC, he requested Luthor take care of Alysanne and to be her guidance throughout life. He would strive to keep that promise until his final breath.

Notable Events: Edit

Luthor Tyrell was raised to the position of Lord Commander in 351 AC.

He was stripped of his Lord Commander title after returning to Queens Landing and subsequently granted the title of 'Shield of the Queen'.

After seeing the mental state of King Valarr and after being berated by Daric Dondarrion, Luthor decided the best course of action for himself and the Queen was for him to leave Queens Landing. Luthor now resides in Highgarden.


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