Martyn Rivers is the bastard son of Damon Bracken, Lord of Stone Hedge. His family are bannermen of House Tully. He is nine-and-twenty years of age.

History Edit

Born in 338 AC, Martyn Rivers is the first son of Lord Damon Bracken of Stone Hedge, although a bastard. His my mother was a worker at a brothel nearby, for the first three years she struggled to decide whether or not to bring him before the lord. After he turned 3, he began asking questions about who his father was and she decided to bring him before Lord Bracken as his bastard child.

His mother obviously had no sense of timing, as he was presented mere days after the birth of his trueborn son, Brynden, he was not best pleased, and neither was Lady Bracken. Initially he offered his mother a sum of gold to take the child away and never bother them again, until his father, Lord Edwyn Bracken forced him to adopt the boy as his son. Begrudgingly, he was taken into his household and given the name Rivers.

Growing up a bastard is not an easy life, many of Lord Damon's men would look down on Martyn, and nothing he did would earn his father's approval. Ser Petyr Blanetree, the master at arms, was the only one who was kind to Martyn, he would always tell stories of Addison Hill, the bastard Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and the great knights of tourneys and high esteem who were baseborn. Those stories stuck with Martyn: He may never be a lord, but he could always make his name known. As he grew with Brynden, the two grew close, as brothers do, he looked up to Martyn as his elder, and would often try to keep up as they sparred, but the sword was not for him, his talents lie with the maesters, and always have. Brynden was always told from a young age that he would be lord one day, and he took it to heart. Martyn didn't learn as much as Brynden from the old men in robes, his place was with steel and blood. He grew into a more than competent fighter, and won several tournaments, placing highly in many more.

Appearance Edit

Martyn has the dark brown hair typical of Brackens, a trimmed beard closely follows his jawline, and his hair is fairly short but unkempt. He shows the markings of a life of tournament fighting, scars adorn his body and face, but he is well built and fairly tall, an intimidating presence in any fight.

Family Edit

  • Edwyn Bracken, His Grandfather (Deceased)
    • Damon Bracken, His Father, Lord of Stone Hedge
      • Martyn Rivers (29)
      • Brynden Bracken (26)