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Mina Redwyne is the eldest daughter of Stafford Redwyne, Master of Ships on the Small Council and Lord of the Arbor. Her family are bannermen of House Tyrell. She is six-and-twenty years of age.

History Edit

Mina Redwyne was born and raised in the Arbor of the Reach in one of the most profitable families of Westeros. As she grew up, Mina's mother and father had enlisted a Septa and a Tutor to help Mina to learn the histories and arithmetics she would need to become a proper lady of the Reach. Despite the tutor and the septa at hand and instructing her behaviors, Mina still gave a new meaning to red headed wild child. She has a profound taste for Arbor Gold, preferring it to the Red, and having a man nightly within her bed... lord or not.When Mina had turned ten and six, her father gave her a minor role in the family business, taking care of ledgers and shipments.

When offered to become the Master of Ships to the Queen, Stafford Redwyne left his family for Queen's Landing just after Mina and Mace's twenty and fifth name day. Soon after, Mina's mother was claimed, along with her infant sister, by the Bloody Flux, leaving the entire family in despair. Now, Mina is currently managing the family business, while her brother Mace handles the family politics. Stafford Redwyne currently refuses to return to The Arbor for the time being, being that he's preoccupied with the recent death of Queen Danaerys and trying to keep him mind from wandering to the thought of his now deceased wife and child.

Appearance Edit

Mina grew into a beautiful woman, as she was a little under average height, dark auburn hair that glowed fiery red in the light. Her skin was pale as the first winters snow. Mina had glistening hazel eyes that she had inherited from her mother and an hourglass figure that showed despite the gowns and skirts she so often wore.

Family Edit

  • Stafford Redwyne (54), Her Father, Master of Ships, Lord of the Arbor
  • Melesa Rowan, Her Mother (325 - 366)
    • Mace Redwyne, Her Twin Brother (26)
    • Mina Redwyne (26)
    • Denys Redwyne, Her Brother (19)
    • Bethany Redwyne, Her Sister (15)
    • Melesa Redwyne (365 -366)
  • Alayne Redwyne, Her Aunt (52)
  • Alan Redwyne, Her Uncle (43)