Ragnarr Farwynd is the second son of House Farwynd of the Lonely Light. His family are bannermen to House Greyjoy. They blazon their arms with per fesse: below a black sea with crested line, a black longship, outlined against the setting sun, dark red on orange. He is one-and-thirty and is the captain of a fleet of raiders.

History Edit

Ragnarr Farwynd as the second son to Lord Farwynd of Lonely Island, to a Codd woman as his mother. The Farwynds and Codds - even among Ironborn considered lunatics, with many queer rumors of skin-changing and inbreeding amongst their ranks floating about.

In any-case, Ragnarr escaped the wind-swept little rock of the Lonely Isle at the age of ten to serve as a attendant on a Ironborn long-boat. Strong and tall for his age, he was taken on without qualms and for decades Ragnarr lived a life of adventure and raiding.

By the age of thirty-one, he was captain of his own small fleet of four longboats, commanding about one-hundred raiders in total, sharpening his skills with his favoured weapons, the Axe, Shield and his favorite - being Unarmed with nothing but his spiked chainmail gauntlets.

He and his men are known for going utterly berserk in battle, gnawing on the edge of their shields, and charging into battle with a reckless, seemingly invulnerable abandon.

Appearance Edit

Ragnarr is of an above average height, at 6'1 feet but what is truly remarkable about him is his strength. Looking to be made of almost entirely corded muscle, a single punch with his spiked chainmail gauntlets can shatter a man' skull. His hair is long and red only vaguely groomed, his massive beard being of a similar status.

In battle, he wears a patch-work of heavy chainmail and roughly sewn together plates topping up with a horned enclosed Barbute helmet, with each horn wearing a quarter of a pound each. Despite the impractically of wearing such ornaments on a battle helmet, it seems to both intimidate and issue a challenge to opponents. A Farwynd tunic is worn over the torso.

Timeline Edit

  • 336 AC, 4th Moon - Born on Lonely Isle
  • 346 AC - Ran away to join a Ironborn raiding fleet
  • 348 AC - Killed his first man
  • 354 AC - Became Captain in his own right
  • 360 AC - Expands fleet to several ships.

Family Edit

  • Lord Farwynd, His Father, Lord of the Lonely Light
  • Lady Codd, His Mother
    • Older Brother
    • Ragnarr Farwynd (31)
    • Svenrir Farwynd (28), Captain of the Lonely Lady