Lord Roose Bolton is the Lord Paramount of the North and Lord of the Dreadfort, Winterfell and White Harbor, and the head of House Bolton.


Roose Bolton was different to the other children when he was younger. He cared not for tales of knights and beautiful princesses. He spent his time reading anything and everything. He absorbed knowledge like a sponge. This did not mean, however, that he was a poor fighter. He was trained, but he didn't have much talent for it. He could hold his own against most opponents, just some longer than others.

He was 12 when his father Torrhen had first taught him to flay, by using a dead rat. Roose practised lots. Once he was sufficent, he began to skin little animals like rats alive, and feed the meat to the dogs.

At age 13, Torrhen took Roose on his first hunt. They took down a great stag. Before long a pack of wolves came to inspect the kill. Roose knocked an arrow, drew back slowly, and aimed vaguely at the Alpha. The other hunters were oblivious to the wolves, as they had been veru quiet. He loosed his arrow, and the wind tugged at his arrow, sending it left. At that moment a wolf moved forward, and the arrow went straight through its eye. Roose flayed his victim, and had its pelt sown onto his cloak, and the same wolf is still round his neck.

Roose practised his political skills by manipulating the other boys, and setting them against each other. He sat next to his father when he held court, and listened to the problems of the lesser lords and smallfolk. He learnt how to deal with many problems.

This came in handy when Torrhen fell ill with winter fever, and as his condition worsened, Roose began to take on more and more responsibilities. He eventually became Lord in all but name, holding court, and issuing the Queens Justice. When his father passed, he sent ravens that told all lords to come to the Dreadfort to renew their vow of fealty.


  • Roose Bolton (ASOIAF) (Deceased)
  • Bethany Ryswell (Deceased)
    • Ramsay Bolton (Deceased)
    • "Arya Stark" (Deceased)