The State of the Realm as of 368 AC: A Grand Council has been called by the Grand Maester to determine succession to the Iron Throne after the death of Queen Daenerys I Targaryen. Her dragons, Drogon and Viserion, escaped after her death and wreaked havoc with Drogon taking Dragonstone and Viserion the Eyrie, and later Oldstones. After the Grand Council chooses Valarr Targaryen to be the new King, a series of crises soon lead to the fracturing of the realm, and the abdication of King Valarr. War is brewing in Westeros in the year 368. Well into the Second Era, the heat of dragon fire burns the heat of Summer approaches as Spring is drawing to a close.


It is currently: The seventh moon of Spring, 368 AC.

The Crownlands Edit

Current Lord: King Lyonel Baratheon

Daenerys Targaryen landed in the Crownlands in her conquest of Westeros. She landed on the opposite bank of the Blackwater Rush and attacked the besieged city of King's Landing. The city was burned by the dragons and wildfire caches. Aegon VI's forces were defeated, and King Tommen Baratheon was killed in the blaze that consumed the Red Keep. Daenerys founded a new city where she had landed in Westeros, on the opposite bank of the river, christened, Queen's Landing.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Following the Queen's death, her dragons escaped, burning King's Landing and other lands in the Crownlands. Drogon sought refuge at Dragonstone and Princess Alysanne was forced to flee. After the events of the Great Council, Lord Hand Jasper Arryn and the High Septon had Valarr Targaryen crowned as King of the Seven Kingdoms. King Valarr, convinced that Luthor Tyrell, Alester Tyrell and Leo Tyrell had kindapped his betrothed, Alysanne Targaryen, called them to the capital to answer for claims of treason.

Following the Trial of the Roses, Lords Alester and Leo Tyrell were both found guilty and imprisoned. Both lords were stripped of their titles, and Alerie Tyrell was named Lady Paramount of the Reach. Alysanne Targaryen and Luthor Tyrell arrived at the conclusion of the Trial, and while Luthor was imprisoned briefly he was eventually released on King Valarr's orders, to serve Princess Alysanne as the "Shield of the Queen". Lord Alester was also released upon Lady Alysanne's urging, and Valarr Targaryen restored to him his titles and rank.

The arrival of the princess caused tension in the Throne room, as the Lord Hand Jasper Arryn butted heads with the King and Princess. Their rivalry came to head when Valarr Targaryen stripped Jasper Arryn of his Handship, eventually giving the title to Lord Arthur Dayne. The Arryns still resided in the Tower of the Hand, and after an assassination attempt on Jasper's son and heir, Eon, the Arryns suspected Lord Dayne, who was then killed in an attack by Arryn guards. Lord Arryn was then arrested by the King and imprisoned in the Grand Sept.

368 AC Edit

Later, Queen Alysanne was kidnapped, and one of Valarr's kingsguard killed. King Valarr, when told of this by the Ser Igon Vyrwel of the Kingsguard, flew into a rage and killed the all but one of the remainder of the Kingsguard with his valyrian steel blade, Dragon's Call. Confronted at the docks, on his way to try to tame Drogon at Dragonstone, Valarr Targaryen was, at bladepoint, pressured into abdicating and dissolving the throne by High Septon Terrance, who proclaimed the rule of the Faith and the Crystal Throne.

This was interrupted Lord Ardrian Celtigar, who attempted to get the King Valarr to contest the High Septon's demands and remain KIng, but Valarr, broken and despairing, refused to do so. Valarr fled the city, and Lord Celtigar called for Lyonel Baratheon to be made King of Westeros, placing Dragon's Call and the duty of Kingship in his hands. For this, the High Septon excommunicated Celtigar. Valarr, once reaching Dragonstone, attempted to train Drogon, but was instead burned and eaten by the dragon.

The High Septon, with Jasper Arryn still imprisoned, and now used as a bargaining chip, blocked all entrance and exit to the the old capital, while the Stormlords and their armies gathered outside Queen's Landing, After a week of tension a deal was reached between Lord Celtigar, acting as Master of Laws to Lyonel Baratheon, and Septon Garth, a representative of the High Septon, preventing the seemingly-inevitable storming of the city. The High Septon would cede his claim upon the Kingdom of Westeros to Lyonel Baratheon - if Lyonel and his armies could re-unite the realm. Lord Celtigar accepted in the name of King Lyonel, though he also requested the release of Lord Arryn, which has not yet occurred.

Lord Celtigar was subsequently named Hand of the King by Lyonel Baratheon. Lyonel then called for a council of the Stormlords, where he declared his intent to march to the Riverlands, and seek out the aid of the Vale, Riverlands, and North, in re-uniting the realm and defeating the rebel Kings of the Westerlands, Iron Isles, and Reach.

Days pass, and as rebel armies draw closer the Crown scrambles to prepare. King Lyonel offers his hand in marriage to Cassana Tully, sister of Lord Paramount Brandon Tully, and prepares to go met them. With all of their armies gathered, the Hand of the King prepares to divide the army and hold both of the major passes into the Crownlands - the Kingsbridge, and the Kingswood - until Kign Lyonel should return with the Tullys, Arryns, and Starks. Central to this plan is Jasper Arryn, who still languishes in the High Septon's prison. Unwilling to wait any longer, and unable to secure his release through peaceful methods, the Crown decides to move against Kings Landing in force.

The armies of the Crown surround the Old City, and after much fighting manage to wrest it from the High Septon. He is captured, imprisoned in the Sept of Baelor, even as the body of Jasper Arryn is discovered. Many of the smallfolks are upset by the actions of King Lyonel, infuriated that he would move against the High Septon. Even as the riots begin, the Ironborn reach the Crownlands and begin to raid, refugees pouring into the twin cities.

Word arrives that King Lucion Lannister has been imprisoned in Riverrun, and King Lyonel heads north to meet with the Starks and Arryns. The Hand gathers the armies of the Crown and grants Lord Stannis Selmy the command, instructing him to march against the Kingsbridge and destroy the Lannisters before the Tyrells can make it up the Roseroad. They depart, some 35,000 strong.

In the depths of Kings Landing, the Hand of the King executes the High Septon in secret, and burns the body, before sending a decoy through the streets of Kings Landing, onto a ship, and across the Narrow Sea.

Dorne Edit

Current Lord: Prince Olyvar Martell

Dorne assisted Aegon VI in his war for the Iron Throne, Aegon was defeated at King's Landing in the Battle for King's Landing. Arianne Martell vanished following his defeat leaving Trystane Martell to marry Myrcella Baratheon and inherit Dorne. Their son, named for Trystane's brother, Prince Quentyn embarked on a quest to strengthen Dornish relations with Westeros, the Lannisters and Tyrells most notably. Prince Quentyn passed from a Greyscale infection, leaving his own son Olyvar Martell to rule Dorne.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Prince Olyvar Martell and Princess Nymeria Martell attended the Grand Council of 367, though showed no significant support for any claimants to the throne. When the council fell apart they fled Harrenhal and returned to Dorne with the rest of the Dornish lords and ladies. Princess Nymeria remained in Highgarden to advise Alester Tyrell and help strengthen relations with the Reach.

Luthor Tyrell, Daric Dondarrion and Princess Alysanne Targaryen find themselves in Starfall where they attempt to decide what do next. Daric Dondarrion departs for the Stormlands unexpectedly and Lord Arthur Dayne calls for a council. Dorne counseled Princess Alysanne on a course of action but stopped short of supporting her claim. Later the princess departed Starfall and returned to the capital. The Princess was delivered to King Valarr by the Dornish, including the Prince, Lord Arthur Dayne, and a spear guard. After the removal of Jasper Arryn as Hand, Arthur Dayne was elevated to the position, though he died shortly after, suspected in the attempted murder of Eon Arryn.

Alester Tyrell declared independence from the Iron Throne, and was married to Princess Nymeria. In an attempt to consolidate centuries-old grievances between Dorne and the Reach, Queen Nymeria has opened trade routes and lowered taxes between the nations. Prince Olyvar was then confronted by a man calling himself the Lord of the Waters, a pirate king seeking to raid Dorne. Before the Prince of Dorne could respond with organised force, the Royal Navy of the Iron Throne, sent by then-king Valarr Targaryen, destroyed the pirate fleets and sent the survivors back to the Stepstones.

368 AC Edit

Prince Olyvar Martell offered his hand in marriage to lifelong friend Gwyneth Yronwood, a union that will unite the two greatest houses in Dorne. Lord Fowler offered the hand of his daughter to Lord Olyvar Manwoody, who agreed to meet the Warden of the Prince's Pass.

In Starfall, Arya Dayne and Maron Martell meet to discuss the possibility of a marriage alliance between House Martell and House Dayne.

Meanwhile, a marriage occurs in Skyreach. All the lords but the Martell's, besides Maron Martell, are in attendance. With tensions high and animosity rising, a civil war is all but confirmed.

The Iron Islands Edit

Current Lord: King Torric Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy, who was King of the Iron Islands when Daenerys conquered Westeros, was killed in the Reach and his fleet destroyed in a battle known as the The Second Field of Fire. Asha Greyjoy was placed on the Seastone Chair by Aeron Greyjoy. Asha surrendered and pledged fealty to Daenerys. Asha's son, Vickon Greyjoy, would later rebel against the realm after the Westerlands was weakened in the Harvest War in what would come to be known as the Third Greyjoy Rebellion. In an attempt to defeat the Ironborn, Queen Daenerys' son Maekar rode Rhaegal, and her husband commanded the royal fleet. They were both killed in a naval battle along with Rhaegal. After her defeat, the Queen sought out the support of the rest of the realm against the Ironborn. She offered Stafford Redwyne the position of Master of Ships in exchange for his navy against the Ironborn. Stafford led the Redwyne fleet and what remained of the Royal Fleet against the Ironborn and was able to seize victory. Shortly after, the Queen's forces invade Pyke, killing Vickon Greyjoy and taking his young son, Aemon Greyjoy as a hostage, who was later given as a ward to the Queen.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Aemon Greyjoy prepared to depart for the Great Council, but fell off one of the bridges of Pyke. His son Torric succeeded him as Lord of the Iron Islands and then later proclaimed himself King of Salt and Rock. Torric attended the Council though only to subtly gather support for his impending rebellion. He later fled the council in rage, and rallied the Ironborn around him where they sailed to the Neck. The Ironborn executed a daring and successful ambush where the North's Lord Paramount, Roose Bolton was captured. The Ironborn then arranged a marital alliance to the Westerlands who had also risen in independence. After King Gerion Lannister died unexpectedly Maryen Greyjoy was left with Lucion Lannister to secure the alliance.

Recalling his men from their raids along the Northern Coast, the Ironborn land at Castamere to meet with the Westerland army and prepare to march. While there, the survivors of the Dreadfort assault return and a council between Ironborn and King Lucion is convened following news summoning the westerman to the capital to swear fealty to King Valarr.

At the council, the Westerlords and Ironmen agree to a plan of action despite some turbulence at the beginning of their meeting. It is decided that King Lucion Lannister would march to Oldstones and face the dragon in an attempt to win over Brandon Tully, while Torric Greyjoy and several Westerlords head south to the Reach and meet with Lord Alester Tyrell, unknowing that he had already declared himself King. The remainder of the army would march on the Crownlands, to harry and starve the region until the final assault begins. A brief argument broke out between King Torric and King Lucion, ending with the decision to take both Kings to Riverrun with a host of four thousand Westermen and five hundred Ironborn, the remainder of the armies remaining in the West.

368 AC Edit

After long weeks of travel the host finally nears Riverrun. Rumors of chaos in the capital reach them, however, and after a hasty meeting the pair of kings decide that it would be best to utilize the unrest and march on the Crownlands immediately. Torric leaves with one hundred of his men to rejoin his armies to the south.

As Torric and his army meet up with the Westerland forces in Castamere and prepare to march on Queens Landing, the men who remained behind to help slay the dragon are invited to a feast in Riverrun. Arryk Volmark, commander of the Ironborn forces in the Riverlands, exchanges hostages with Lord Paramount Brandon Tully to ensure good will on both sides. Both lords give up their eldest sister.

After some initial tension, things at the feast seem to be progressing fairly well - before the attempted murder of Brandon Tully sends the event into chaos. King Lucion is taken into custody, and the fesitivties ended. The Ironborn flee the scene, returning to their camp to prepare their defenses. Late that evening some one hundred reavers - under the command of Kara Tawney - break camp and make their way west, toward Casterly Rock. The remaineder of the men remain until the next day, when Brandon Tully arrives demanding their hostages be released and the Ironborn vacate the Riverlands. After a short meeting the two parties come to terms, both sisters returned to their brothers and the three hundred remaining Ironborn begin to head south, escorted by some six hundred Rivermen.

Meanwhile, King Torric and his men arrive in the Crownlands alongside the Westerlander army. Some two thousand raiders are dispatched to reave at will, while the rest of the host - some eight thousand strong - advances on Brindlewood. The village is sacked, its populace put to the sword. Hearing word that a band of three thousand men are fleeing to the northwest of him, Torric rallies the remainder of his men, and marches to intercept.

Far to the North, the Ironborn under Lucas Harlaw sack Flints Fingers, putting the inhabitants to the sword and carrying off wealth, thralls, and salt wives. Returning to their ships, the reavers make their way far, far north, making land just below the Wall.

The North Edit

Current Lord: Lord Brandon Stark

The Boltons defeated the forces of Stannis Baratheon in the Siege of Winterfell. The Stag King was found dead after the fighting, with his broken sword laying beside him. His hand, Davos Seaworth attempted to seek out Rickon Stark on the island of Skagos but was killed in his attempt to smuggle the boy and his wolf off the island. House Stark was known to be extinct to many but many heard the rumours of the Stark line continuing in Skagos from Rickon Stark. Few people, including the Manderly's, know of Brandon Stark's existance.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Roose Bolton, Lord Paramount and Warden of the North called his lords to the Dreadfort to swear fealty and depart for the Great Council. While at the council, Ironborn raiders attacked the Stony Shore prompting a confrontation between Roose Bolton and Torric Greyjoy. The Northerners fled the council when it fell apart and made their way back through the Neck. Roose Bolton and other Northern lords were capture, and others killed by an Ironborn ambush. Harold Snow named himself Regent of the North and called a council to mount a defence against the Ironborn. Harold Snow defeated the Ironborn in The Assault on the Dreadfort, killing Gwynesse Harlaw in a duel. Harold Snow would flee the Dreadfort immediately after the battle and headed to Essos.

All in the while, Brandon Stark was attempting to rally support for himself against the Ironborn and the Boltons. Brandon arrived from Skagos early into the year with a small group of companions made up of: Raymun Stane, Willem Crowl, Gwin and a few other Skagosi. Brandon was able to gain the support of the Umbers and Karstarks by befriending Yvaine Umber and Alysanne Karstark, and set out for White Harbour in an attempt to gain the support of House Manderly. Along the way to White Harbour, Brandon would meet more allies, such as Benjen Flint and Gunthir.

After hostilities quelled Brandon and Wyllas Manderly were able to reach a deal which was secured with the marriage of Brandon to Wynona Manderly. Shortly after the wedding Brandon led forces to secure Winterfell and Wyllas sent his son with soldiers to secure the Dreadfort.

Roose Bolton is killed by Rurik Greyjoy after Domeric Dustin and his men attempt to force a rescue. Edderion Bolton arrives at Barrowton just in time for the Dustin's return, and learns that he is now Lord Paramount of the North. He and Domeric prepare their forces for war, and Edderion heads east to the Rills to gather the Ryswells. Only half of their forces join him. Farther North, Brandon Stark arrives at Deepwood Motte and meets with Alyn Glover, reciving his pledge of fealty and eating briefly with the one-armed lord. In the Rills, the Karstark forces lead by Styr and Torrhen Karstark meet a hostile Domeric Dustin; during a pre-conceived parlay, Lord Styr Karstark was murdered by Dustin. After returning to Winterfell to restock supplies and men, Brandon Stark and the majority of his armies march south-west to confront the Dustins and last Bolton.

368 AC Edit

During the Battle of the Barrows, the leading Karstark forces took massive losses, including Torrhen Karstark himself. Brandon Stark and his armies arrived in time to finish off the remaining Dustin and Bolton loyalists, where Domeric Dustin met his end at the hands of Sigorn Karstark, and Edderion Bolton chose suicide over death in battle. Crippled in the battle by a blow to his leg, the new Lord Karstark was escorted back to the camps by Yvaine Umber.

Following the battle, the Lords of the North reconvene with Stark, who poses the question of travelling South for alliances and regaining the captured prisoners in the Iron Islands.

The Reach Edit

Current Lord: King Alester Tyrell

After the faith find Margery Tyrell guilty, the Tyrell forces in King's Landing smuggle her out and leave the city on the eve of her execution. The Reach was still under attack from the Ironborn and Euron Greyjoy when Queen Daenerys landed in Westeros. The Reach swore fealty to the Queen, and the Queen destroyed the Ironborn fleet and their King Euron in a battle known as the The Second Field of Fire. In their gratitude, Mace Tyrell swore fealty to the Dragon Queen. Willas Tyrell inherited the reach after Mace Tyrell's death.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

An outbreak of Bloody Flux devastated the Reach killing commoners and nobles alike. Lord Tyrell and his two eldest sons being among the dead, leaving Alester Tyrell to become Lord Paramount. At the Great Council of 367, Alester and his uncle Ser Luthor were staunch supporters of Princess Alysanne. Prior to the The Grand Council, Lord Loras Hightower began a movement of rebellion against the orders of his Lord Paramount, intent on attacking the Grand Council. Alester issued a warrant for the arrest of Loras Hightower for reports of treason, which led to conflict between Highgarden and Oldtown supporters.

Lord Leo Tyrell was a principal supporter of Lyonel Baratheon in the council, initially supporting his claim. Alester Tyrell would support princess Alysanne Targaryen and would help defend his uncle Luthor when the council turned to chaos. The Tyrells would flee Harrenhal, bringing the princess along with them. Alester would first go to attempt to treat with Loras Hightower however these negotiations halted with the untimely and suspicious death of Loras. The death of Loras Hightower left his brother Hyle as Lord of Oldtown; he continued his rebellion against Highgarden and the Siege of Horn Hill.

Upon returning to Highgarden, Alester Tyrell and Leo Tyrell are summoned to the capital to answer for charged brought about by the King, including the kidnapping and rape of Princess Alysanne Targaryen. Alester and Leo are put on trial, and are both found guilty. Upon the verdict, Leo Tyrell demands trial by combat. In light of the verdict, Alerie Tyrell is named Lady Paramount of the Reach. Meanwhile, Hyle Hightower and his men besiege and take Brightwater Keep. The Hightower revolt continues to grow, and Hyle begins to raise even more levies.

Alester Tyrell, released from the dungeons and restored to his place as Lord Paramount of the Reach at the recommendation of Lord Arthur Dayne and Princess Alysanne Targaryen, returns home disillusioned with the justice of the crown. Amidst a meeting with his vassals he orders to protect the borders of the Reach, and commissions a mercenary band to put down the Hightower revolt. Finally, he secedes from the crown, and names himself King of the Reach.

Alester marries Princess Nymeria Martell, sister of his longtime friend Prince Olyvar Martell. The two are married and crowned on the same day, following which Lord Hyle Hightower and his wife Lady Malora Florent arrive in Highgarden to surrender to the new king. During his stay, Hyle is near-morally wounded in an assassination attempt, and spends the next three months convalescing in Highgarden.

368 AC Edit

Following news of King Valarr's abdication and the conflict between the High Septon and self-proclaimed new King, Lyonel Baratheon, Alester finally moves his armies east to march on the capital. In the south, Queen Nymeria escorts the healed Hyle Hightower to the Honeywine River, where they are met by his mother, Alayne Redwyne, and their captive, Lady Lyanne Tyrell, to bring the heir to Brightwater Keep home safely.

The Riverlands Edit

Current Lord: Lord Paramount Brandon Tully

The Riverlands quickly pledged fealty to Daenerys when she invaded. Petyr Baelish resigned from Lord Paramountcy after his defeat in the Vale, and the Freys assumed control of the Riverlands. Brynden Tully, the Blackfish, who had been massing Riverlander support, freed Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey from captivity. The Freys were in the midst of a familial civil war following the death of Lord Walder Frey, leaving them vulnerable. The resentful Riverlords then forcefully instated Edmure Tully as Lord Paramount.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Harrenhal became the host site of the Great Council of 367, and Lady Liane Tully and her vassals were present a the keep of House Baelish for the Event. Following the breakdown of the council, the Riverlords quickly evacuated themselves from Harrenhal. Liane Tully died during the 5th Moon of 367 AC. Her son Brandon Tully became Lord Paramount following her passing.

Brandon Tully calls for a council with the Lords of the Riverlands, meeting his vassals for the first time as their Lord. Lord Bracken proves rebellious, however, and is imprisoned for treason. The council continues, only to be interrupted by the sudden arrival of Viserion in Oldstones. Struck by this unhappy chance, Lord Tully prepares himself to face the dragon and slay the beast, while sending Loren Baelish to parley with the Lannisters in the west.

As luck would have it, however, Baelish never leaves, as word reaches Lord Tully that King Lucion Lannister marches for Oldstones with his host and Ironborn in tow, to offer assistance in the face of the dragon. Brandon Tully calls his banners and rallies his men with a rousing speech in the courtyard of the keep at Riverrun. Work in earnest begins on construction of siege weaponry as plans are made at the hands of not only Lord Tully, but his sister as well, for ways to fell the dragon Viserion.

368 AC Edit

The Lady Cassana Tully makes a surprising discovery within her atelier. While working on an alchemical coating to provide some additional, if minute, protection against the heat of dragon's fire, she creates something else altogether more destructive and terrifying: Hoarfrost.

News reaches Riverrun of King Valarr's abdication and Lyonel Baratheon's subsequent ascension to the throne. Baratheon writes a second time to Lord Tully to indicate that his wish for an alliance with the Riverlands and his proposal of marriage to the Lady Tully has not changed with these altered circumstances. Meanwhile, the Vale host arrives in conjunction with the Lannister host and Ironborn camp. A Pact of Non-Aggression betweeen the parties is signed, which speaks for peace between them until Viserion is killed. Despite this, tents in the Vale encampment are set aflame by an unknown source, giving rise to tension and distrust.

The trial for Lord Bracken is completed, and a trial by combat ensues wherein Lord Bracken is found innocent as his champion and son defeats and kills Lord Brynden Blackwood. In order to find common cause with the Ironborn, Lord Tully suggests a hostage exchange at a meeting with Lord Arryk of Volmark; Roslin Tully Piper is exchanged for Esgred Volmark. The Lady Cassana Tully takes a captive of her own when she finds Mina Redwyne in the Vale men's encampment, promising to nurse her back to health following an ordeal on the road.

Before the feasting for those meant to face the dragon at Oldstones begins, the Tully siblings have a long talk and ultimately reach a decision with regards to alliances. Cassana writes to King Lyonel Baratheon, at her brother's request, to accept his offer of marriage. That same night at the feast, anything and everything that can go wrong does. While a fight between the Ironborn and Valemen is stopped before it can escalate further, tensions are high throughout the rest of the night. Having overheard a distasteful joke made by King Lucion Lannister to Lord Symond Frey, the Lady Tully has them both taken into custody when their Lord Paramount and the Lord Bracken collapse, poisoned, while minstrels begin to play "The Rains of Castamere". Lord Benjen Hunter, who requested the song on a whim, is also imprisoned.

Enraged by their king's imprisonment, Lord Aethan Marbrand, Queen Maryen Greyjoy Lannister, and Lord Arryk Volmark, attempt to treat with the Lord Paramount's sister to no avail. Marbrand and the Greyjoy queen decide to take their leave of the Riverlands and seek additional support from Martyn Lannister in Casterly Rock, leaving behind some four thousand Westermen encamped at Riverrun. The following morning, it is discovered that Bracken has died, but Lord Brandon Tully survives.

In the aftermath of the feast, much happens. Lord Eon Arryn of the Vale is given leave to dole out the punishment for Hunter's thoughtlessness. Lord Symond Frey is released the following morning by Cassana who realizes that she's acted rashly. Brandon Tully meets with Arryk Volmark to exchange hostages--sisters--and to demand that the Ironborn dragon-slaying contingent leave the Riverlands, now that the original pact has been dissolved with the arrest of the lion king.

Plans to march to Oldstones are not changed, however, and Lord Tully takes roughly half of his forces as well as half of the Valemen at Riverrun to square off against Viserion, leaving the rest of the soldiers under the command of Lord Lucas Blackwood, Lord Kennos Arryn, and Lord Robert Redfort to guard against any potential retaliatory strikes by either the Westerlands or the Iron Islands.

Meanwhile, a letter sent by Cassana Tully to her betrothed the night of the feast bears fruit. A Kingsguard, by the name of Ser Herb, arrives at Riverrun disguised as a hedge knight with Halys Baratheon and his men in tow, to serve as her sworn shield in her time of need. The guard arrives just in time, as Loren Baelish also returns to Riverrun with his father and additional men from Harrenhal in tow following the death of his sister Alayne, in which he finds the youngest Tully suspect.

News reaches Riverrun that Viserion has been killed, and fires erupt in the Westermen's encampment. The stag king writes of his impending arrival within the week.

The Stormlands Edit

Current Lord: King Lyonel Baratheon

With the deaths of both Tommen Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon, the Stormlands was left leaderless until the Boltons offered Shireen Baratheon as tribute to Queen Daenerys. Shireen was instated as Lady Paramount on the exception that she abandoned the red god of R'hollor. With the extinction of house Connington, Shireen placed the Florents in the Fox's Den, which was formerly known as Griffin's Roost.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

Lyonel Baratheon was a claimant at the Great Council of 367, and was principally supported by Lord Leo Tyrell of Brightwater Keep. Lord Lyonel renounced his claim and supported his bannerman, Valarr Waters, for the throne. When the council broke down, the Stormlords were among the first to depart. Lord Lyonel Baratheon aratheon began to marshal his forces at the Fox's Den and held a council. In the midst of this, Jaime Tarth seized control of Storm's End but was later defeated. In light of his recent failures, many of Lord Baratheon's vassals begin to grow unruly.

Lord Tristan Swann attempts to rally the Marcher Lords to declare independence from Lyonel, but he is imprisoned by Lord Markus Dondarrion. Lyonel Baratheon, in the meanwhile, affirms his loyalty to the Iron Throne, only for King Valarr to abdicate, and Lord Ardrian Celtigar to name Lyonel the King of Westeros, a title Lyonel reluctantly accepts.

368 AC Edit

The Vale Edit

Current Lord: Lord Paramount Eon Arryn

After the death of Robert Arryn, the Lords Declarants attacked Petyr Baelish and successfully ousted him after a battle at Gulltown. The Lords Declarant bent the knee to the invading Daenerys Targaryen, and Harrold Arryn was named Lord Paramount. Harrold married a girl from the Arryn cadet branch, Claryse, who would serve as the Vale's regent upon her husband's sudden sickness and death. Claryse's son Jasper Arryn would later serve as Hand of the Queen, and her other son Ronnel as Grand Maester.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

The dragon Viserion, who escaped after Daenerys' death, flew to the Vale where it attacked the Eyrie killing many of its inhabitants and members of the Arryn family. In the wake of the tragedy, Jasper and Ronnel Arryn called for a Great Council to determine succession the Iron Throne. At The Grand Council, after crowning Princess Alysanne, Ser Luthor Tyrell's Queensguard clashed with Jasper's Gold Cloaks. The Vale was ruled from Gulltown under the stewardship of Lady Elene Arryn, sister to Jasper, and Lady of Runestone.

In the capital, Lord Jasper Arryn enters a confrontation with King Valarr and the newly arrived Princess, and is stripped of his position as Hand. Later that night, an attempt is made on the life of his son and heir to the Vale, Eon Arryn. The Arryns suspect Arthur Dayne in the crime, and when he sends a letter of eviction to them, Arryn men are sent into the Small Council, and Arthur Dayne dies later that day of wounds inflicted upon him.

After several months of residence, the dragon Viserion abandoned it's nest in the Eyrie, flying west to Oldstones. The smallfolk of the Vale, still recalcitrant, begin to riot. Benjen Hunter, Lord of Longbow Hall, does his best to quell the revolts, and sends word of the unrest to his liege and Brandon Tully.

Lord Gwayne Royce, husband to Lady Elene Arryn and thus the goodbrother of Lord Jasper, calls the Vale lords and their armies to counsel. He announces the arrest of Jasper Arryn for the death of Arthur Dayne.

368 AC Edit

Eon Arryn, Robert Redfort, Benjen Hunter, and Willam Belmore lead an army of 15,000 to Riverrun to join the Rivermen in slaying Viserion. Lord Willam Belmore's efforts to build his own power base and undermine House Arryn led to his arrest and execution. While at Riverrun, Eon Arryn negotiated an alliance with the Riverlands, sealed with a betrothal of his sister Tamyra Arryn to Lord Brandon Tully.

In the Fifth Moon of the year 368, Jasper Arryn was tried before the Faith in the Grand Sept of Baelor in King's Landing and was sentenced to death. In the aftermath of the Crown's assault on King's Landing, Lord Jasper's headless body was found in the Grand Sept.

When Eon Arryn learned of his father's death, he named his brother Kennos Arryn the new Lord of Strongsong, and left Kennos and Lord Redfort in charge of the Vale forces at Riverrun. He then traveled to Darry to meet up with the other Vale host led by his uncle, Lord Royce, and to formally swear his allegiance to King Lyonel Baratheon.

The Westerlands Edit

Current Lord: King Lucion Lannister

The Westerlands was left without a Lord Paramount after the death of Queen Cersei in King's Landing. Daenerys Targaryen imposed Tyrion Lannister upon the leaderless West, and he was instated as Lord Paramount. Resentment against Tyrion grew as he reigned and in 321 AC war erupted in the Westerlands when Tytos Brax launched a rebellion against Tyrion, now known as the Harvest War. The war raged for 5 years before ending at the Battle of the Bloody Hills leaving many leaders of the West dead and dying, Tyrion Lannister most notably. The weak Westerlands was then attacked by the resurgent and rebellious Iron Islands led by Vickon Greyjoy, and Lannisport was sacked. This conflict would give rise to the Third Greyjoy Rebellion, which would eventually be put down through the combined efforts of the realm.

Recent Events: Edit

367 AC Edit

The Westerlands attended the Great Council of 367 AC. The Westerlands remained neutral during the council itself, and quickly fled when fighting began. In the flurry of events, the Lannisters seized Olenna Tyrell and made off with her to the Westerlands. Gerion Lannister received a raven from Torric Greyjoy requesting assistance and offered support for independence and a marriage. Gerion proclaimed himself King of the Rock and met with the Greyjoys and Ironborn in a grand feast of Casterly Rock. During this feast Queen Alyssa would go into labour and the events that followed would be very shaping for the future of the Westerlands.

In a flurry of rage following the death in childbirth of Queen Alyssa and revelations regarding Lucion Lannister's past, Lucion murders his father and king, Gerion Lannister. Lucion's family distanced themselves, and Martyn Lannister and Marissa Lannister went so far as to flee Casterly Rock. Lucion would later organized a council with the Ironborn at Castamere after receiving news that he was summoned to the capital to swear fealty to King Valarr.

At the council, the Westerlords and Ironmen agree to a plan of action despite some turbulence at the beginning of their meeting. It is decided that King Lucion Lannister would march to Oldstones and face the dragon in an attempt to win over Brandon Tully, while Torric Greyjoy and several Westerlords head south to the Reach and meet with Lord Alester Tyrell, unknowing that he had already declared himself King. The remainder of the army would march on the Crownlands, to harry and starve the region until the final assault begins. A brief argument broke out between King Torric and King Lucion, ending with the decision to take both Kings to Riverrun with a host of four thousand Westermen and five hundred Ironborn, the remainder of the armies remaining in the West.

368 AC Edit

After long weeks of travel the host finally nears Riverrun. Rumors of chaos in the capital reach them, however, and after a hasty meeting the pair of kings decide that it would be best to utilize the unrest and march on the Crownlands immediately. Torric leaves with one hundred of his men to rejoin his armies to the south. King Lucion sends word to Quentyn Lannister, Lord of Lannisport, to begin advancing with the Westermen.

At a feast to welcome the Westermen and the Valemen in Riverrun, Lord Paramount Brandon Tully and Lord Damon Bracken collapses after 'The Rains of Castamere' is played, requested by Benjen Hunter. What followed was the subsequent arrests and imprisonment of Lord Benjen Hunter, Lord Symond Frey and King Lucion Lannister. Enraged by the arrests, Lord Aethan Marbrand and Queen Maryen Greyjoy ride back to Casterly Rock to form a plan with Prince Martyn Lannister. Upon their arrival, they call an immediate council and discuss possible plans, but end with a plan that would soon fall through.

In the Crownlands, Quentyn Lannister secured the Kingsbridge and is awaiting the pending attack from the crown's forces.

In Casterly Rock, Aethan Marbrand breaks down after learning their plan would fall through. Realizing there is only one way out of the corner they placed themselves in, a rash decision will soon be made.