The Second Field of Fire was a battle between the forces of Iron King Euron and Queen Daenerys Targaryen in an attempt to push the Ironborn out of the Reach. The forces of Euron were encamped near the foot of the Mander in a pillaged village. Daenerys, fresh off her victory at King's Landing seeked to defeat the Ironborn to gain the support of the Tyrells. Daenerys had her generals lead her unsullied from the ground, while she attacks from the skies with her dragons. The Dragon unleash dragon fire and engulf the village where the Ironborn are camped in flames, which spread and causing widespread disorder and chaos. Many tried to flee to the river, but the flames were too wild and too far spread. This was a crushing victory for Queen Daenerys, and it is said that the village remained

Field of fire

Rhaegal at the Second Field of Fire.

aflame with dragonfire for days.