The small council is a small group of advisers which advises the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms on matters of policy. It is not known when the first small council assembled, but it was in all likelihood during the reign of the Targaryen kings.

The council is headed by the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the only one who can enact the council's decisions into law. In his or her absence the role falls to the Hand of the King or the regent if the king or queen is too young.

The council members are appointed and dismissed at the ruler's discretion, a right freely used during times of war and strife. However, it seems that traditionally the council consists of seven permanent members, after the Andal traditions and the Faith of the Seven, with reserved positions that contain specific duties.

Small council headed by Jasper Arryn

  • Hand of the King: Jasper Arryn
  • Lord Commander of the Queensguard:
  • Master of Coin:
    • Head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom.
  • Master of Laws:
    • Oversees law and justice for the kingdom.
  • Master of Whisperers:
    • The spymaster, and the head of intelligence.
  • Master of Ships:
    • Oversees the navy.
  • Grand Maester: Eon (Arryn)
    • Head adviser on matters of lore and wisdom.

Although a council seems to always have the above seven positions, it may include additional members as advisors.

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