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Torric Greyjoy is the Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands. He is thirty years of age.

History Edit

Torric Greyjoy is the first of five children of Aemon Greyjoy. He was born after his father returned to Pyke and married at the age of 21. Torric grew up around the hostilities the Iron Islands held towards the Greyjoys. Aemon, instead of returning angry and vengeful of what the Dragon Queen did to his family instead had been won over by her. Aemon had pledged fealty to her and had held the raiders at bay, forcing the Iron Islands to farm and trade instead.

The animosity of the other Houses of the Iron Islands were only held back by the constant threat of the Dragon Queen, who would surely swoop down and bring fire blood upon any rebellion to Greyjoy power. Torric could feel the danger to him and his family simmering under the surface of the peace that held sway over the Iron Islands. He now sits at age of 30, knowing he will soon take over as head of House Greyjoy and will soon have to deal with the possibilities of rebellion against the Krackens of Pyke.

Family Edit

  • Vickon Greyjoy, His Grandfather, Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands (Deceased)
    • Aemon Greyjoy, His Father, Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands (Deceased) (316 - 367)
      • Torric Greyjoy, Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands (30)
      • Darmunt Greyjoy (28)
      • Rurik Greyjoy (26)
      • Maryen Greyjoy (22)
      • Harren Greyjoy (16)