Vardis Egen is the Lord of House Egen and Lord of the Gates of the Moon. His family are bannermen to House Arryn. He is six-and-twenty years of age.

History Edit

Third-born son to Vardin, Lord of the Gates of The moon, a small but influential house within the Vale. He has one younger sister, Marian, who takes much more after their mother. Vardis was raised in the knowledge that he would never rule, but would one day be in charge of the defense and security of his family home, and the only route up to their lieges stronghold.

The years of training with the masters at arms of both House Egen, and on occasion, further up within the Eyrie, left him a fit and swift young man. His skin has been darkened somewhat by the days out on the drilling grounds, taking away the paleness normally expected of the Valemen. His dark brown hair is cropped short on the sides, with something of a fringe left for appearances. Framing his stolid, serious face, is a short neat beard. Spackled with ginger, it is his one conscession to fashion. Standing at nearly 6ft, broad chest and shoulders, strong soldiers arms, he looks a striking figure upon the battlements.

More accustomed to drills over quills, his progression on the training fields went well, his other educations not so. Capable of basic arithmatic for supply calculations, and reading at a level sufficient for troop movement and updates, he will never be a Steward for anyone. He does show an aptitude for engineering however, and has a good understanding of siege equipment.

Family Edit

  • Vardin Egen, His Father (Deceased)
  • Marideth, His Mother
    • Jasper Egen, His Brother (Deceased)
    • Jon Egen, His Brother (Deceased)
    • Vardis Egen Lord of the Gates of the Moon (26)
      • Gareth Stone, His Son (7)
    • Marian Egen, His Sister