Xantala Jorrel
Xantala Jorrel
Culture Summer Islands
Gender Female
Date of Birth 340 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Vitality
Skills Sailing, Archery
Negative Traits
Spouse Aerugo Jorrel
Favoured Weapons Bow and Arrow
Reddit Username /r/Xantala
Alternate Characters Jon Ambrose

Eldred Alesander Lake

Xantala Jorrel is a Summer Islander, 27 years of age. She is the daughter of a sailor and has become one herself. She is married to a Braavosi writer and has been traveling the world with him for the past four years.

Biography Edit

Xantala was born in the town of Last Lament on the island of Walano of the Summer Islands. She was the youngest of six children, but the beloved favorite of her father. He often told her tales of his adventures around the world and taught her the ways of archery and the goldenheart bow.

When she was 15, her father sailed off on another voyage, only to never return home. His mental health had been deteriorating slowly after his last return. A few nights before he left, Xantala vaguely recalls him waking her up in the middle of the night and fearfully spouting nonsense about the impossible nonsense of Sothoryos.

Xanthala began her training in sailing as soon as her father's ship was listed as missing. She served on various trading vessels for 5 years, none of which would take her to Sothoryos. When she was 23 years old, she married a rich Braavosi writer 17 years her senior named Aerugo Jorrel. With the hopes of finding her father, Xantala set off with her new husband to travel the world. But with each passing year, her hopes become increasingly weaker, having seen her siblings start families of their own.

Appearance Edit

Wherever she goes, people notice her. Xantala stands near 6'0 feet tall, her body slim and fit, but her arms chiseled from years of archery and sailing. Her long dark hair falls to her large breasts. Her eyes and skin are dark as well, but less intimidating to foreigners than her intense demeanor.

Timeline Edit

  • 340 AC, 8th Moon - Xantala is born
  • 355 AC, 12th Moon - Xantala's father sails away, never to be seen again.
  • 357 AC, 5th Moon - Xantala begins sailing on trade ships
  • 363 AC, 9th Moon - Xantala marries Aerugo Jorrel and begins to travel the world with him.

Recent Events Edit

In Myr, Xantala thinks about her missing father and explores a market with her husband [1].

Family Edit

  • Jal, Her Father (308 - ???)
  • Xanda, Her Mother (57)
    • Talbar, Her Brother (40)
    • > A Wife
      • 4 Children
    • Jondo, Her Brother (39)
    • > A Wife
      • 5 Children
    • Xal, Her Brother (36)
    • > A Wife
      • 4 Children
    • Xanna, Her Sister (33)
    • > A Husband
      • 3 Children
    • Quhuru, Her Brother (28)
    • > A Wife
      • 2 Children
    • Xantala (27)
    • Aerugo Jorrel, Her Husband (44)

NPCs Edit

Aerugo Jorrel

Aerugo Jorrel

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